Online Tarot Card Readings ✨🃏✨
Online Tarot Card Readings ✨🃏✨
Online Tarot Card Readings ✨🃏✨

Online Tarot Card Readings ✨🃏✨

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Tarot Card Reading

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Enquire to the tarot with whatever is on your mind ✨

ease your mind, get help with what direction you need to take, receive clarity on a situation you feel is clouded

some enquiries we have been able to help with have been:

will I find love if I stay living where I am, or should I move back home?

what is the energy around my friend and I at the moment?

I’m trying so hard to get ahead, what am I not seeing?

my partner and I are going through a rough patch, can you see us getting through this?

should I stay on this path of study, or concentrate on my current career?

we have been thinking about selling our house, is now a good time?

our dog is missing, I just want to know if he is still alive.

my mother lives in Italy and is very ill, should I leave my family in Australia to be with her?

my partner is being mean to me, will things improve?


Your reading will include how we prepared for your reading ✨ a photo of your tarot card spread ✨🃏✨ a description of each card and what it all means ✨ sometimes, depending on the reading we will draw an oracle card ✨🔮✨ we may offer further guidance ✨ for example meditation and ceremonies ✨🔥✨

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