Flavour Infused Raw Honey 500g Squeeze bottle
Flavour Infused Raw Honey 500g Squeeze bottle
Flavour Infused Raw Honey 500g Squeeze bottle
Flavour Infused Raw Honey 500g Squeeze bottle

Flavour Infused Raw Honey 500g Squeeze bottle

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Flavour Infused Raw Honey 
in 500g squeeze bottle 
🌸 Lavender 
🍊 Wild Orange 
🍂 Ginger Honey
☀ Ginger Chilli
Lavender Honey 🌸
Fragrant and delicious our lavender infused honey tastes divine laced over ice-cream, poached fruit, oatmeal or a special dessert. Spread over toast and crumpets or as a sweetener for tea and lemonade, this lavender honey provides a subtle and delicate floral flavour, making it a wonderful addition to your pantry.

Orange ✨🍊✨

Our delicious Orange honey captures the heavenly smell of fresh orange blossoms. The citrus flavour is perfectly complimented by the beautiful golden honey. Treasured Earth Orange Honey is divine when added to whipped cream and served with freshly baked scones straight out of the oven 👩🏻‍🍳🧀🍊🥕🍰🍯🥛Our Orange Blossom Honey is fruity, and enticingly aromatic.

✨☀️✨Our Orange Blossom honey is like sunshine in a jar 

Gorgeous on roasted carrots or drizzled over buttery French toast. Try as a dip for fresh figs, strawberries, and melon. Divine on ice cream or cheesecake 🍨Try our Tangy Orange Honey taste experience. It will leave your taste buds wanting more ✨🍊✨

Ginger Honey 🍂
Our Ginger Honey is guaranteed to be unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. Packed with health benefits, it combines the sweetness of honey with the warm bite of ginger.
Enjoy over buttered croissants 🥐
Mix your ginger honey in with hot water for a soothing drink in the winter months.
Ginger Chilli 🍂🌶
All the benefits of raw honey with the added healing power of ginger with a hint of chilli.
bees favourite wild flowers
essential oils, cayenne pepper spice


 100% pure raw Australian honey

unfiltered and unpasteurised 






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