Face And Body Spritz 100ml

Face And Body Spritz 100ml

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Face and Body Spritz 💦
Soothing Facial Mist – Hydrating Facial and body Spritz
Traveling by air can make your skin dry.  
Not only is the air on planes very dry, but it can also be difficult to drink enough water while traveling 
On-board humidity is frequently as low as 12%, which is less than many deserts. Eek!  
No wonder we feel like it takes days for our skin to recover from a flight 🛫
Reach for your spritz - spray your face and all over your body for a moisturising and refreshing drink for your skin 
Air conditioning dries out our skin also.
Great to have on hand on a hot day ☀️
Keep in the fridge or esky for an even more refreshing experience ❄️💦
Take your Spritz on a bush walk 🚶🏽‍♀️🌲
Spray on feet for a refreshing treat 👣
Face and Body Spritz 💦
$15 for 100ml

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