'I am so glad I found you! Your magnesium oil has just about taken the pain away from my bursitis in my left shoulder,so happy.'

- Lyn H


'I use it all the time. Recommend it to everyone. 

Best thing I ever did. 

Magnesium spray is my best friend.'

- Maggie, NT


'I love these products'

-Margaret N


'I’ve been using the magnesium spray for 6 months on myself and I’ve noticed a huge difference, i still have pain but it’s bearable, I’ve been able to stop taking drs meds  opioids” after 10 yrs plus on them, so that’s so good.

A few days ago I started rubbing a bit on the ears of my dog, wow , what a difference it made, he’s a rescue dog and has really high anxiety, I’m looking forward to seeing him enjoy his life now!'

- Janene


'We use your magnesium balm for growing pains in legs and feet coupled with mag phos tissue salts to help with sleep and night terrors.'

- Sophie 


'Magnesium spray is amazing for everyone for sleep. If it makes skin itchy, use a natural oil and rub in.'

- Nicola


'I swear by it for my 6 yr old, it makes a huge difference in him, for sleep and behaviour I always see the difference when I forget to use it on him for a few days.'

- Danielle 


'My miss 9 always requests a spritz of mag spray if she can’t sleep or has anxiety. She calls it the sleepy spray haha!'

- Tara


'I have tried the magnesium oil to help me sleep, its amazing, love it.'

- Debbie


'You have the best magnesium oil ... eases muscle aches and the dreaded hot feet at night 💕'

- Paula, QLD


'I have been using it for 2 weeks to help me sleep, i love it, works wonders.'

- Deb Leafe


'It arrived yesterday and I practically bathed myself in it last night lol. Thank you.'

- Patricia


'I love my magnesium oil- I sure notice the difference when I forget to use it. I'm now using it everyday on my 6 yr old and I don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but his behaviour has improved so much- I keep asking if this is my son. Thank you!'

- Danielle


'At first I thought it was just water and some kind of oil.. But in 5 mins after I sprained a little on my elbow, pain reduced. After 1 hour acute pain almost gone.

Now pain is minimal in funny bone and inside joint upon moving..

Another spray needed I think.

Pleasantly surprised.'

- Jeff D, Central Coast


'Absolutely brilliant product, can't go to bed without spraying on my knee.'

- Margaret T


'Thank you for my delivery of magnesium oil. I have been using it on my sciatica with great results. It is also very helpful for settling down the fibromyaligia pain.

I'll be ordering again soon!'

- Tanya, W.A



'John from Carnavon WA is over the moon, not only pretty well pain free, but his diabetes is gone- not saying it's the magnesium, but got to be helping. Billy loves it, puts it on everything, his diabetes and feet are fine and lots of other things as well.

I met Katherine and Luke at Fred's Pass markets a few weeks ago and at the time I wasn't sleeping, I was snoring and tired all the time 😞

We spoke about my problems and it was suggested to me to try a routine with the magnesium oil also the Himalayan sole, which I did. Also the salt pipe for snoring.

Two weeks later we went back to let Katherine know about my improvements. I am now sleeping through the night. I feel fresher and more energised through the day. And guess what! No more snoring. 😁

- John, Carnavon WA


'I'll start at the beginning. I am a 77 year old bloke who, like most people at this stage, suffer with Arthritis- particularly in my right shoulder, elbow and both thumbs.


I mentioned it to a friend who directed me to another lady- Katherine at Magnesium Oil by Treasured Earth and one thing lead to another. I purchased 2 spray bottles. I started off with my wife rubbing my right shoulder 2 & 3 times per day and after about 8 days I said to my wife "I can't believe it but I have been pain free for the last couple of days".


So at this stage I started taking a bit of notice of things, and started rubbing the oil myself into my shoulder, elbow and thumbs a couple of times a day and life is a dream. About 2 weeks ago because of distractions I forgot to rub it in for 2 days and sure enough, I was back in the pain cycle.


To cut a long story short, I have absolutely no pain at all and am rubbing it in myself once per day and life is a dream.

I am a retired Mine Manager not a Medical Person, and my good fortune may not apply to everybody, but to any people in a similar position and age as myself I would strongly recommend  rubbing Magnesium Oil into your sore spots on a regular basis.


If it is any help, I would suggest you put 4 or 5 squirts onto your hand and rub it in, do that twice per session. Do that to your painful spots and assess the situation after 2 weeks of continual treatment. After that you can modify the regularity and volume to suit your personal situation.


I am now going to give the oil the big test next, as I suffer with Peripheral Neuropathy which gives me burning stinging feet. Because it is nerve damage, and most pain killers don't help with nerve pain, so watch this space. I wait with baited breath to hear your replies in the next 4 to 6 weeks after starting. Once again we are all different and I am a natural born pessimist and on cloud nine, so there is hope for you also.

- Bus Driver, NT