Raw Honey 500g in squeezy bottle

Raw Honey 500g in squeezy bottle

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Raw Honey 🍯
Raw honey is a wonderful healer 🐝
The key reason for this is because of honey's low moisture level and anti bacterial properties.
Bacteria cannot survive in this environment.
It has even been discovered in ancient Egyptian tombs, still completely edible
Honey is the only food on the planet that doesn't spoil
Try it and you will definitely be impressed 🐝
Raw honey is more expensive than the commercial honey but it is worth it for its healing benefits
 Since it has never been heated it is full of enzymes that aid in digestion, plus amino acids, and an array of vitamins and minerals. It is considered a super-food and is known to aid in longevity.
Apply raw honey directly to the skin/open wound in liberal amounts as often as needed.
It has no side effects.
It is wise to cover the spot with a bandage and/or sleep with a towel over the bed because it is sticky.
Although it may tingle or sting a bit when applied to a bad injury, any pain should subside shortly after application.
Overnight, one should witness a drastic reduction or disappearance in pain.
There should be a clean, pink appearance and reduction in size of the wound, and a complete cessation of any infection/puss.
Rashes can disappear within a couple of days.
Best of all, scarring is avoided or minimal.
Wherever raw honey is applied transforms into healthy new skin within a short amount of time.
We have been using raw honey for years, and have only experienced great results.
Always keep a jar in the house.
Put a jar in your emergency bag for a multitude of uses.
Known to cure ulcers when eaten regularly. 
Modern medicine knows that ulcers are caused by bacteria, not by acid. 
Acid irritates the ulcers.
Eat a teaspoon or more to settle an upset stomach.
Alleviate or even prevent allergies in some people because of the plant pollen that is contained in unheated, unfiltered/unstrained honey.
It "immunizes" you.
Buy local honey so that the pollen comes from plants that actually inhabit your area.
Healthy Sweetener: Use in place of sugar as a healthier alternative.
Raw Honey Is the only food on the planet that does not spoil.
Even when it crystallises it still has it’s wonderful healing properties.
Raw Honey from bees choice of wild flowers 🍯

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